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Lead Animation

What's better than a playlist that feeds you new music every day? One that does it all day of course! Introducing: Spotify Daylist, your day in a playlist. It updates throughout the day ... and can get a little weird.

To reveal this new playlist to the World, Spotify tasked Hornet with creating a 15s introduction and even gave us extended control over the look and feel. I was brought on with a script and storyboard in place and began designing.


The premise of Daylist is that it updates multiple times a day (six times to be precise). For each of these stages, Spotify defined illustrative gradient backgrounds resembling the sky. We expanded on these visually and used them as the story vehicle.


Storyboard by Creative Director Itay Tevel

Spotify_Daylist_sh020_16x9_v01-0-00-00-00 Spotify_Daylist_sh020_16x9_v03

Early styleframe exploring the phone look as well as the minimization of the UI. Since we were planning with large supers on top of the phone, the detailed UI was going to be a challenge.

Initial animatic

Wireframe render



Creative Director
Itay Tevel

Managing Partner
Hana Shimizu

Director of Production
Karen Lawler

Head of Creative Development
Kristin Labriola

Executive Producer
Cathy Kwan

Head of Production
Dez Stavracos

Sarah Keshishian

Assistant Editor
Cole Bannick

Talent Coordinator
Jon Chun

Shivani Parasnis
Greg Edwards

Client Producer
Kenzie Tankersley


Senior Motion Designer
Philip von Borries

Motion Designers
Amália Lage
Thiago Steka

CG Sr. Design & Animation
Wendy Eduarte

CG Generalists
Kyuri Kim
Jakub Svehla

Philip von Borries

Nøkkerosevej 57
2400 Copenhagen

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