Life is a wonderful, mysterious gift.
None of us really know what we're doing or how we got here, so let's enjoy the ride and share what we can, while we can. 

I'm incredibly thankful to the countless folks in the motion design community and beyond who have helped me generously over the many years. I wouldn't be where I am today without them. That's why I'm gonna keep that goodness flowing around by making select project files and tools available to anyone, no strings attached.

If you find anything valuable, consider also sharing some of your knowledge with others, donating to charity or buying my next coffee (or tea).


You are free to use these files and methods in your projects, even commercially, I really don't care. Just please don't redistribute or sell them or pass them off as your own. Instead, make something even cooler with them. You may tag me on Instagram @pvonborries with your creations, I'd love to see what you come up with!

By downloading you agree to the more detailed and even more boring Terms & Conditions contained in the download.



Pixel Displace

A fun way to break a visual down into pixels using the Voxel distribution and then displacing them with a falloff.

I'm using some Pro features here (Spring), so it might look a bit different without them.


Image Sampler

Some loops I made while learning about the incredibly powerful Image Sampler in Cavalry. Includes some prerenders I made in After Effects.

I changed some of the fonts for better compatibility.


Bits & Pieces 01

A fun collection of loops I created in an effort to learn more about Cavalry.

Some Pro features were used, so if you are using the free version, it might not work as expected.



A faux cursor dragging a sort of emitter around – just an overall handy technique.

Some Pro features were used, so if you are using the free version, it might not work as expected.



Some of my first steps in Cavalry, learning about Oscillators and more.

After Effects



A fun project visualizing the diversity and feeling of being in love.
You will have to install PluginEverything's free Displacer Pro plugin for this to work. I also swapped out the typeface to one everyone should have.


3D Primitives

When Adobe introduced the Cinema4D renderer inside After Effects, some really cool 3D features got added. I found it tiresome to create the same primitives all the time, so I collected them here. Mind that they aren't perfect, though!


Inscribed Polygon

This setup lets you rotate any polygon or rectangle while staying in it's initial boundaries automagically. You can create some mesmerizing things with it!


Cube Rig

This is a rig of a cube that was built to maintain the stroke widt along its edges. But it can also do some other cool stuff.

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