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FRAMES FOR FUTURE is an international collaborative animation project highlighting the biggest global challenges humanity faces today through art and storytelling. Artists and studios from around the world came together to raise awareness about the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals in general and the UN Climate Action Summit 2019 in particular.

CCCCCCC facilitated this whole collaboration, where each SDG served as an open brief for different artists and studios. I was in charge of designing an identity around the project and packaging all the contributions into a common format.

Change needs to happen—and it is happening right now! A tactile, activist look paired with living letters underscore the relevance, urgency and rebellious tone. For each Sustainable Development Goal, we designed living posters that served as thumbnails for each contribution. Further, we designed the website, which you can check out here:


Philip von Borries

Nøkkerosevej 57
2400 Copenhagen

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